Managed Printing

Manage all of your print needs at your facility – from printers, supplies, toner, paper, and more – we’ll help you eliminate waste, save money, and focus on your business.

Contracts have typically benefited manufacturers and dealers while locking customers into equipment choices and lease terms that don’t align with their needs.

Most manufacturer agreements substantially inhibit your options, control, and efficiency. Their profits are dependent upon selling you as much of their equipment as possible, tying you into long leases that extend well beyond the planned obsolescence of the machine. Ultimately, it’s in their best interest to increase your print output, not decrease it.

A well-built print service agreement with a trusted third-party vendor, on the other hand, can lead to drastic reductions in your print spend by guiding these commonly recognized factors:

Workflow optimization
Fleet optimization
Fleet standardization
Ongoing fleet management

“Single Contact – We provide a single account manager to answer all of your questions and meet your needs.

Understanding – We begin with a complete diagnosis of your document services needs before making recommendations and jointly determining your best solution.

Coordination – We coordinate all aspects of your printing, from equipment and supplies to digital imaging and storage.

Consolidated Expenses – Bringing all of your document services needs together in one contract reduces your overall expenses, which are communicated in a single, easy-to-read invoice.

Asset Monitoring – Our asset monitoring services provide ongoing data that help us determine what adjustments need to be made.

Cost Recovery – We monitor every print and copy made throughout your office, consolidate the date, and provide project level billing reports for simplifying client print reimbursement.

Staffing Solutions – We provide highly trained professionals who work with you, on-site, on whatever office functions you need.

Reduced Risk – We provide the latest equipment that meets your needs so you can avoid making huge, unnecessary investments.”

Managed Printing

Every year companies lose money due to inefficiencies with their printing. At ReproHaus we help you take control of your printing costs with our personalized Managed Printing Services (MPS). Our experts our dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions by helping to eliminate the hassle of ordering supplies and maintaining equipment. Contact us today to discover how to reduce your business’ cost and boost productivity.

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